Production Tools

Simple Production Capture, Allocation, & Reporting tools to give your company an edge

Origo provides a set of production tools to assist in daily capture and equipment reporting, which provides a single source of entry and normalization of data from across your enterprise.

Origo also provides the ability to manage routes, stops, and equipment as well as provides the ability to manage and assign pumpers

"Origo allowed us to easily configure a replacement for our mixed production gathering (spreadsheets, emails, and handwritten faxes), giving us a consistent, comprehensive view of our daily production data."

In addition to capture, Origo provides the ability to create gathering systems and perform simple allocations to provide accurate daily production numbers.

Finally, Origo provides purchaser statement validation capability to ensure accuracy, mitigate risk and provide accurate allocated numbers for accounting and regulatory reporting purposes

  • Production data capture (product volume, pressures, run tickets, well tests)
  • Simple route and stop creation
  • Pumper management and assignment
  • Simple allocation engine w/ well test integration
  • Purchaser statement validation
  • Extensive reporting capabilities

For more information about Origo's Production modules contact us and schedule a demonstration today.