General Ledger Reporting

Integrated, Granular, Drill Thru General Ledger Reporting & Lease Operating Statements

Origo's Statements module allows for users to maintain and customize multi-dimensional reporting of Cost Center and General Ledger Information. Utilizing these Lease Operating Statments (LOS), Users can filter by dates ranges as well as accounting or activity date.

Additionally, users can group or drill down to any level of the accounting/cost center hierarchy, for instance, by region, county, lease, unit, or even down to the well level.

Finally, users have the ability to view revenue and expense information by GL and can click thru to view related invoices and expenses.

"Origo's Lease Operating statement has helped us rapidly understand economic return, variances, pricing, and profit margins, allowing us to make decisions which maximize our capital efficiency."
  • Integrates with your existing ERP system
  • Provides drill-down & filtered reporting capabilities
  • Allows for customization and multiple statement creation
  • Provides helpful metrics such as LOE vs BOE and available capital for making critical business decisions

For more information about Origo's Statements module contact us and schedule a demonstration today.