Supplier Management

Manage all your vendor approvals & information in one simple place

Origo provides a toolset to assist in the oboarding and approval process of new vendors

In addition, Origo provides a centralized location for your entire company to access important vendor information and related documents

"Origo gives visibility into all our vendor information and allows us peace of mind in knowing our vendors are in compliance with our established policies."

The vendor record also contains important contact and payable information as well as a link to all historical transactions such as invoices and checks paid, helping your company improve efficiency and mitigate risk

Origo provides the ability to track and manage:

  • Master service agreements
  • Insurance policy dates & information
  • W9 & Tax information
  • Invoices
  • Checks

For more information about Origo's Vendor/Supplier module, contact us and schedule a demonstration today.